We offer on the Czech market uniquely comprehensive portfolio of services and tools for the entire product life cycle management (PLM) business processes and IT infrastructure. From design phase through development, testing, manufacturing to service ones, we find the appropriate tools or services.


You need to increase the efficiency of digital product development from first concept to development methodology? With us you can easily reach it. A combination of appropriate support services solve specific customer needs, including professional training.


Why deploy PLM (Product Lifecycle Management), when you already have an ERP? Using ERP system, you know what costs your production, but only thanks to the PLM system you will be able to control how the product will look like and how it should be produced. PLM system is an information platform that incorporates your technical and production know-how.

Automation and Electronics

We build for you a test stand and we can help you with the integration and operation. Or we will test for you your product or its components in our own test center, you will save significantly on investment and operational costs. You can test not only finished product or prototype, but also simulate it. So you can before by producing the first prototypes to verify the correctness of the design algorithms.

Digital Factory

We convert your real production in a virtual 3D environment. This gives you a powerful tool for planning, simulation and optimization of production. Digital Factory finds particular application in the automotive, aerospace, marine and engineering industry and in the production of consumer goods.

Production control

Use your business partners (subcontractors), various computer systems? You are not able to to exchange data directly? The solution is EDI - electronic data interchange (Electronic Data Interchange) from us.

Application Development

We have experience with a wide range of applications and software, which we can connect into additional technologies you are using. We will develop applications according to your requirements and needs.