Machine vision is another technology that is starting to be heavily utilized. It is used mainly on modern production lines for identification and quality control, and during development for quality control combined with automated testing.

In the first case, it is used mainly to read identification data regarding the type of product. The information obtained is used for further processing of the particular product, which may differ by product type. A type of barcode is used as data carrier in this case.

For quality control in production, the correct dimensions or shape of the product are usually checked.

For automated testing, cameras are used for example to test the correct display of characters or symbols on the screen in the car (navigation, radio ...). This task requires more complex processing, synchronization of multiple cameras, as well as high computing power for image processing.

Cameras can be used in two ways, depending on customer needs. Conventional cameras can be used, controlled by central computer, which also processes image information captured by the cameras. This solution is used mainly in development and automated testing. A second option is to use "smart" cameras that have a built-in computer, which processes the image and sends data through one of the communication channels.

All of the above solutions can be supplied, together with complete workplace design.