The VOBES tool has been developed by T-Systems in cooperation with the Volkswagen group (VW) and serves for the design of cable kits. The system is in use thorough the Volkswagen group. It is also used by Porsche, Bentley and all development suppliers of the VW group..

Advantages of the VOBES (VOBES+) tool


  • Considerable improvement of cable kits design in connection with the automotive industry
  • Implementation of electrical features into 3D and 2D data
  • Simple change management



The VOBES system derives benefits from CATIA V4 and L Cable interfaces, the functionality itself is provided by the user software installed in both systems. In the case of VOBES+ the original CATIA V4 system is replaced by the modern CATIA V5 system in the process chain. The LDorado software from COMSA has been incorporated as a tool for drawing documentation design.

VW-Userware for LCable, CATIA V4 a LDorado

A set of software tools ensuring smooth information exchange between individual systems employed in the process of creating the product data for electric cable kits. This toolset does not form a standard part of the systems mentioned above. It was designed and is delivered for the needs of the VW group and its design suppliers.

Individual VOBES and VOBES+software tools.


System for creation of logical drawings and definition of electric features of future cable kits. SYS (SYStemschaltplan) = location of design components, which are connected by a wire or terminated by ports KAB (KABelschaltplan) = allotment of specific features to individual components (connectors, conductors, particular ports, potentials, conductors colour, article numbers….).


In the case of VOBES, 3D data for construction and 2D drawing data for production are generated within this system. Electric schemes and electric properties from Lcable are interconnected with 3D data within the system.


In case of VOBES+ only 3D data for construction is generated within this system. As in the previous system, electric schemes and electric properties from Lcable are interconnected with 3D data.


Provides creation of drawing documentation within VOBES+. It also enables schematic drawing of conceptual electric cable kits.