ENGINEERING PACKAGE V5 currently includes the following applications:
- NTOOL, Netline, KVS Plugin, OUTGEN, RPS, LTA, N3O a VALIDAT V5 Basic

NTOOL - Function for creation of filenames according to the VW Group standard. The proper filename is required to enable data storage in the HyperKVS system.

Netline - Function enabling the creation of network lines in drawings. Network lines can be created not only from different views, but also in random cuts. Any line spacing size can be set up. A spacing of 100 mm (so-called c-network) is used by the ŠKODA AUTO company. Generated network lines are automatically provided with a corresponding description.

KVS Plugin - Application integrated into CATIA V5. KVSPlugin checks data structure and provides direct storage of CAD data into the KVS system.

OUTGEN - Facilitates DMU and PCA adapters design (CATPart - with selected dead geometry), provided by the designer to other CAD data users. This application can be employed for files of the CATPart/CATProduct type, designed with the help of the NTOOL (NTOOL profile “RD_GENERAL“) function. Parts (CATPart) should be designed in VW Structurepart according to VW methodology.