The well-proven TeamCenter solutions by Siemens are based on practice proven procedures and standardized processes bringing many benefits. T-Systems acts as a partner for license sales, operation and servicing of the TeamCenter system.

Increased productivity

With the Teamcenter system you attain a unitary knowledge base on products and processes from various sources. Users can swiftly find necessary information, cutting down search time by 65%. Decision makers are offered a better insight into product lifecycles.

Improved (global) collaboration

The most successful companies often have branches worldwide to cut costs and avail of opportunities on the international market. TeamCenter enables instant global communication of teams by their interconnection and sharing of necessary information. It will help your teams to collaborate much more effectively, share information visually and employ suppliers in an earlier phase. The whole product development will accelerate by 25% and changes implementation by up to 30%.

Control over the life-cycle

The life-cycle can be supposed to bring a competitive edge only in the case of your global insight into it. TeamCenter is the only PLM system on the market solving the life-cycle phases from investment planning over product development, manufacturing, servicing/maintenance up to the disposal. Thanks to the complex TeamCenter solution you will better understand the impact of changes and will be able to automate common processes thorough the entire life-cycle.

Faster return on investment

The easily configurable service-oriented architecture (SOA) of the TeamCenter system reduces the costs for implementation. Implementation costs are also minimised due to the use of ready-made modules without costly modifications. Integration of the TeamCenter system with the best applications of their kind, including the Microsoft Office suite and premium CAD/CAM systems, enables you to make use of the established technology and your users’ skills, thus lowering overall costs.

The TeamCenter solution for cross-company collaboration enables you and your global teams to share PLM information safely and to cooperate throughout the entire life-cycle. Thank to the elimination of time, space and cultural communication obstacles, you will travel less and save time and money. And your teams will be able to collaborate more effectively for successful product development. TeamCenter shows its strengths particularly in following areas:

  • Piece list management
  • Collaboration within the user community
  • Content and document management
  • Construction process management
  • Enterprise know-how baseline
  • Composition, packaging and brand management
  • Life-cycle visualization
  • Servicing, maintenance and revisions/SLM
  • Production process management
  • Mechatronic processes management
  • Platform enhancement services
  • Management of portfolio, programs and projects
  • Production costs management
  • Quality management with CAPA
  • Adherence to regulations
  • Reports and analysis
  • Simulation process management
  • Supplier relations management
  • Sustainability and compliance with environmental regulations
  • Systems design and requirements management